To the Business and Investment Sectors of the West Parry Sound District
Some Thoughts About Your Participation

Community Radio is remarkably different from private commercial radio:
• Your dollars go to work in our community and not to a nationally centralized corporate structure

• Your dollars directly support Parry Sound Community Radio which in turn helps build a strong community and in turn, a strong community builds strong individuals, neighbourhoods, business and industry

• Your dollars support programming that reflects the special interests and needs of the people of the West Parry Sound District, giving it a 'collective voice'

• Your dollars help stimulate and advocate for cultural enrichment and socio-economic endeavours, promotes diversity in the broadcasting of opinions, spoken word content and musical programming

• Your dollars support the arts, history, local interests, needs and initiatives, civic and municipal news, current events and local sports

• Your dollars reach an engaged, attentive listening audience

Your financial investment in support of launching Parry Sound Community Radio can be allocated in one or more ways:

• Credited towards prime-time sponsorship, or news and information sponsorship

• Credited towards brand building, community goodwill and brand association through naming rights tied in with our studio broadcast centre, honour wall, website, social media, newsletters and off-site station promotion such as signage, banners, print ads, and on-location broadcasts

• Credited towards brand association through
name mention with weather, time checks, station identification

• Can take the form of a loan to be paid back by agreed upon interest rate