Tentative Proposed Programming
Parry Sound Community Radio's mandate is to provide community access to the airwaves and to foster programming based on community participation. In addition to news and information and special program features, the station will offer daily programming dubbed as "Anchor Programming". Daily programs like the morning and afternoon drive shows are the mainstays providing daily and consistently, news, weather, sports, music, conversation and an infusion of a variety of local events, activities, social and fund raising endeavours, local club and organization news and the like.

Proposed specialty informational and educational programs will focus on areas of varied and current interests of the area people through the programming of spoken word and musical programming. This includes senior living, civic and municipal news, literature, arts, current events, theatre and live entertainment. Broadcasts are varied and in a block-format presentation. Programs that revisit a variety of musical genres and specialties, faith, hobbies and entertainment are planned.

Once on the air, Parry Sound Community Radio Association will endeavour to introduce the following list of programs in the weeks and months ahead.

Sunrise Morning Drive
Morning on the Big Sound
Runtime: Three Hours
Heavy emphasis on local news, local happenings, people and events

The Home Run

Afternoon Drive Home
Runtime: Two to Three Hours
Heavy emphasis on local news, local happenings, people and events

Country Roads
Runtime: One to Two Hours
Presentation of current and gold country music

Night Fall
Runtime: One to Two Hours (Mid-Late Evening)
Nightly program featuring light classical music. A less-serious form of Western classical music, originating in the 1700s and 1800s. Generally shorter orchestral pieces and suites appealing to a wider context and audience
Candlelight & Wine
Runtime: One to Two Hours (Mid-Late Evening)
Relaxing, Soothing, Light vocals and Instrumentals
Comprehensive News Coverage
Heavy focus on local news with top-of-the-hour newscasts and news magazine type programs
Local Sports Beat
Runtime: Fifteen to thirty minutes
Host anchors show, presents local sports news, scores, special sporting events, interviews with coaches, players

Big Sound Weather
Comprehensive weather forecasts including marine and aviation, aired twice in every hour

Community Checkup
Runtime: Ten to Fifteen Minutes
Announcements about community events, fund raisers, community dances, local organization news, silent auctions, church events
Your Yard Sale Agenda
Runtime: Approximately five minutes
Feature runs two or three times per day, Wednesday through Friday during yard and garage sale season

Seniors In Action
Runtime: Thirty Minutes to One Hour
Talk show featuring senior citizens involved in the community, with hobbies, clubs, part-time work, with the emphasis of advocating for seniors’ mental health and well-being

Runtime: One Hour
Talk show featuring local guests speaking on municipal affairs, current events, local clubs, organizations, human interest

Local Music Beat
Runtime: One Hour
Features local musical artists, interviews and their music

Ask the Expert
Runtime: One Hour
Call-in program with local experts related to show’s subject matter for the day; law, gardening, personal health, travel, municipal affairs, real estate, hobbies, home and cottage renovations

Authors & Readers
Runtime: Thirty Minutes to One Hour
Highlights local writer and their works. Authors talk about the books they’ve written
Readers talk about the books they’ve read

Municipal Affairs
Runtime: Thirty Minutes to One Hour
Council news, interviews with Mayor, Councillors, Staff, everything from planning, to bylaws, development, Town Council Meeting updates, news of upcoming meetings related to Town business and more

Tourism in the Playland
Talk on current tourism trends and trades in the area, impact on local business and residents

Curtain Call
Musical theatre, sound tracks from broadway and film

Bowland Oldies Show
Host Bob Bowland
Runtime: Four to Five Hours
Music from the 50s to 80s
Feature Hour, Obscure Vinyl Flashback
The Flip-Side

Sunday Morning Power & Praise
Host Amber Anderson
Runtime: Two Hours
Contemporary Christian Music, Encouraging News, Bible Verse of the Day, Virtual Hugs, Good News Stories and More

Sunday Night Big Band Jump
Runtime: One to Two Hours
Original and cover versions from The Big Band Era

World Music Presentation
Runtime: One to Two Hours
Music that is based on musical traditions and cultures from different parts of the world

Dollars & Sense
Runtime: One Hour
Advice on money management, investment, budgeting, consumer affairs and retirement

Jazz Club
Runtime: One Hour
Broad style of music characterized by complex harmony, syncopated rhythms and a heavy emphasis on improvisation

Community Heroes

Runtime: One Hour
Program that recognizes and salutes the unsung heroes of the area, individuals, volunteers, service clubs, neighbours helping neighbours

On The Porch Folk Songs
Runtime: One Hour
Variety of songs that originate among the people of a country or area, and marked generally by simple, modal melody and stanzaic, narrative verse. a song of similar character written by a known composer

Runtime: One Hour
Crack of dawn, a new day and time to jump into gear with a faster beat

Community Coffee Club
Runtime: Two Hours
Music and conversation, interviews with local guests, household tips, community news, prizes

The Gentle Hours

Runtime: Four Hours
Soft, relaxing, easy listening music in the late hours, over night